Mass shooting, gun violence shock

As I watched the news Monday morning, there were no words to describe the shock I felt as I learned of the Las Vegas mass shooting Sunday night, only prayers being lifted for all those injured and families of those killed. I immediately thought of my own cousin, her husband and infant son who were traveling through Vegas on their way to California. Thank goodness that was last Friday instead of Sunday.

They were in Mandalay Bay Resort Friday morning, listening to Eric Church doing a sound check. Like everyone else there, they didn’t know only 32 floors above them was Stephen Paddock, the man who would massacre 59 people and injure hundreds more two days later.

As I continue to watch and read stories about the mass shooting, I am getting more upset that no one can figure out this man’s motive. There had to be a reason, a trigger of some sorts. Otherwise, why would anyone do something so vile? No matter his reasoning though, he was a mad man who took the coward’s way out by killing himself rather than face the severe consequences of his horrific actions.

And now there is more talk of gun violence and gun control. Yes, there is too much gun violence in this country. Yes, there should be a way to keep a record of who owns guns and what type of guns. But no, guns should not be outlawed.

People such as Stephen Paddock are going to get a gun whether it is legal or not. There are already people, thugs as I call them, selling guns out of the back of their cars and in dark alleys illegally. Outlawing guns won’t stop these kind of people. But it would sadly take guns out of the hands of people who go about owning it legally and respect human life.

I have the right to protect myself from those who wish to do me harm, and if a gun is needed to do so against a person who is going to physically harm me, then so be it. I don’t personally own a gun, but most people I know do. That right should not be taken from us.

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